Harmony Archtop Guitar

harmony guitars and harmony archtop guitarThe Harmony archtop guitar has quite a history. Find Harmony Guitars from the 40's, 50's and 60's. The Harmony Archtop Guitar happens to one of a number of lines of famous Harmony guitars, including some recently announced re-issues from the 1950s, 60's and 70s. Now, find many of these great Harmony Guitars acoustic models on auction like Archtone, Catalina, Monterey, Montclair, Broadway, Master,  See Demo Below, Cutaway, Sovereign, Tenor, Patrician Cremona. You'll also find a great number of the Harmony guitar electrics: Rocket, Stratotone, Silouhette, Bobkat, Espanada, Jazzboxes, Rebel, Meteor, Hollywood, 3 Pickups, Laptsteel. If you don't see a Harmony archtop guitar in your favorite model and/or year, bookmark this page and check back frequently. Inventory on Harmony guitars changes frequently.  

Aucton Sales:  
Harmony Guitars and Harmony Archtop Guitar 
original 1957 Harmony STRATOTONE H88 orig. BLACK!!!

original 1957 Harmony STRATOTONE H88 orig. BLACK!!!

Price: $1,790.00
Time Left: 8h 50m

Harmony Archtop Guitar Demo

This is an incredible demo of an Archtone Harmony Archtop guitar from 1964.

Harmony Guitars Reissues

Famous Harmony guitars from the 50s and 60s have been reissued and our modeled and demonstrated here. 

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