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guild guitarsThe largest selection of Guild guitars and the guild archtop guitar anywhere. No sense in wasting gas and time shopping all over town for Guild guitars. You'll find them all here, both new and used - some can even be quite valuable.

Guild Guitars Now on Auction

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1970 Guild Artist Award (#GUE0184)

1970 Guild Artist Award (#GUE0184)

Price: $8,595.00
Time Left: 2d 23h 5m
2013 Guild 60th Anniversary OM Solid Koa Number 50 of 60

2013 Guild 60th Anniversary OM Solid Koa Number 50 of 60

Price: $5,199.99
Time Left: 17d 20h 21m
1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-400 (#GUE0172)

1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-400 (#GUE0172)

Price: $4,995.00
Time Left: 10d 21h 19m

Guild Guitars Models and Choices

Guild guitars, has their instruments organized in five logical Categories:

  1. Small Body
  2. Jumbo
  3. Dreadnought
  4. 12 String
  5. Nylon and Classical

Among these five categories, Guild Guitars are subdivided into four groups:


If you're thinking this translates into a huge variety of guild guitars on the new and used market, you're absolutely right. Guild Guitars has been a guitar maker since 1953, but it's family roots in the guitar manufacturing business go all the way back to 1911. That is a lot of history and expertise!

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