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epiphone guitarFind the Epiphone guitar you're looking for without leaving your house and/or spending a dime on one drop of gas. Here is the largest selection of Epiphone Guitars in the world, including arcthops, electric, acoustic, semi hollow body, hollow body - you name it, there is an Epiphone Guitar that suits your needs. 

These Epiphone Guitar auctions are sorted in such a way that the most expensive ones are shown first. Click on the sort button to search Epiphone guitars by loest price first or auctions ending soonest. Often, these more expensive guitars have historical value as some of them date back many decades. If you're looking for something old, rare and unique in the Epiphone Brand, be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently. If you don't find the Epiphone Guitar you are looking for. Inventory changes frequently - sometimes on a daily basis.

Epiphone Guitar Auctions: 

Epiphone by Gibson G-400 Ebony Electric Guitar Used

Epiphone by Gibson G-400 Ebony Electric Guitar Used

Price: $428.99
Time Left: 3h 45m

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