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What is an Archtop Guitar?

The definition of an Archtop Guitar is simply a guitar with an arched top. Similar to a mandolin or violin, but it is the top rather than back which is arched, in order to open up the sound. The 'arched-back and top' innovation of the Mandolin in the late 19th century marked the beginning of the archtop acoustic, electric and electric-acoustic archtop guitar. These early day instruments were modified by Orville Gibson who, with the financing help of some investors, founded the Gibson company in 1902. Gibson began producing stringed instruments, featuring pear-shaped sides, with sloping backs and tops. The archtop guitar evolution originally flowed from the design of violins; born by the idea and desire for a superior, more open sound in acoustic guitars.

Archtop Guitar
The first officially ever-released Archtop Guitar is known as the Gibson L5 and was invented in 1922. by the 1950s, Gibson released new versions of the L5 archtop guitar with two electric pick-ups so they could be played as either acoustic or electric guitar. To this day, most archtop guitars still closely resemble Gibson's original inventions and can be played either acoustically or electrically.
Today, archtop guitars are found in a wide variety of brands: Dean, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Godin 5th Avenue, Gretsch, Harmony, Heritage, Johnson, Martin, Washburn.
Also, among the more popular categories of archtops you will find easily selectable on this website are Electric, Semi Hollow Body and Vintage (pre-1980)

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The Making of an Archtop Guitar

To gain a better appreciation for the workmanship of these classic guitars, it helps to watch and learn how one is actually made.

What Does an Archtop Guitar Sound Like?

The Archtop design makes a very good jazz guitar. Listen to the beautiful sound of this Guiseppe Ricobono Archtop Guitar.

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